Mehter (christ_slap) wrote,


who ever you are, whatever you do, if you like the movie 'velvet gold mine' then you automatically have no power.

p.s. liking the movie velvet gold man automatically damnes you to hades. also, the line sperating a child from an adult may by useful in some circumstances, but i feel the notion is very suspect. there are only individual egos crazy for love. if you want to be loved it's easy. first you have to know yourself, then you have fix that part of you that wants to challange people. humor others utterly, compliment them and concede to their wants. accept the images they want to portray of themselves as fact. lie and agree with them. if you do these things, while being well spoken, you will win over everyone. however, it is no real prize to sway others, for most are worthless. the right hand offers true fulfillment. only a child feels power in tricking other children into serving him. you stroke people's egos so their love for you can stroke yours. you may be more cunning, but your power is fragile and dependant on the weak need.

serve god in honesty and people will respect you. lie and serve the devil-beast and you will win some, and then creat enemies of your former victems. your social victems. it is rightious to express your true opinion even if you lose face for it. however, do not punish. god does not will you to mock the weak needs. god wants you to punish predetors who pray on the socially malleable. i will seek out clever and cunning machiavellians and assault them head on. they are not used to dealing with a strong right hand.

i vow to grow past my disgust and pretect the fearful weak needs. they may be abhorrid and uninteresting. but their lies are lies of desperation. sometimes a child is naughty, thats why you have rock and roll.
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