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Cengiz Khukhenkhu VII

Born: October 21, 1949

Birth Place: Ayaguz, Kazakstan SSR

Father: Cengiz Khukhenkhu VI (Mongolian)

Mother: Endzanoush Vovchanchyn (Russian)

Education: Graduated from in 1967 – from the Shia Turcoman University in Turkestan, Faculty of Militarist Strategy.

Political Affiliations: Family was traditionally Member of Shia Party in Turkestan. (a Shiit political party that got it's start opposing Communism. SP was accused of sedition and terrorism by the Soviet Union and eventually tansformed into a guerilla warfare fraternity.)

Death: 1980 MIA

This is a slightly abridged version of part of chapter four of Mark Curtis's book The Ambiguities of Power: British Foreign Policy since 1945 (Zed Press, 1995).
* * *

"-- In August 1953 a coup overthrew Iran's nationalist government of Mohammed Musaddiq and installed the Shah in power. The Shah subsequently used widespread repression and torture in a dictatorship that lasted until the 1979 Islamic revolution. The 1953 coup is conventionally regarded primarily as a CIA operation, yet the planning record reveals not only that Britain was the prime mover in the initial project to overthrow the government but also that British resources contributed significantly to the eventual success of the operation. Two first-hand accounts of the Anglo-American sponsorship of the coup - by the MI6 and CIA officers primarily responsible for it - are useful in reconstructing events. Many of the secret planning documents that reveal the British role have been removed from public access and some of them remain closed until the next century - for reasons of 'national security'. Nevertheless, a fairly clear picture still emerges. Churchill later told the CIA officer responsible for the operation that he 'would have loved nothing better than to have served under your command in this great venture'.

In the 1950s the Anglo Iranian Oil Company (AIOC) - later renamed British Petroleum - which was managed from London and owned by the British government and British private citizens, controlled Iran's main source of income: oil. According to one British official, the AIOC 'has become in effect an imperium in imperio in Persia'. Iranian nationalists objected to the fact that the AIOC not only made revenues from Iranian oil 'greatly in excess of the revenues of the Persian government but [it] dominates the whole economic life of Persia, and therefore impairs her independence'. The AIOC was recognised as 'a great foreign organisation controlling Persia's economic life and destiny'. The British oil business fared well from this state of affairs; the AIOC made £170 million in profits in 1950 alone. ---"

Cengiz, the name means Jhengiz, as in Jhengiz Khan. Cengiz VI was the 6th generation of men to be named Cengiz in his family, the tradition went back to a 18th century tribal leader who claimed to be descended from Cengiz Khan. this descendancy was very important to the family, as there was also a tradition of venerating Cengiz Khan, the wrath of god, as the surpeme example of a rolemodel. god had sent Cengiz Khan to destroy islam for it's sin, so is the piower of god's wrath.

on that note, lets get to the nitty gritty. cengiz senoir (thats what we will call his father in this lettle epic) was an ethnic mongolian born technically in what is now china to a muslim family that traveled between afganistan and the northern borders of tibet in the traditional steppe seasonal nomadic pasturalism. they had goats, camels, asses, dogs, and lots of hardy steppe horses. it was the 1930s, and this type of lifestyle was still possible. china was no threat at this time, it was still in the throws of Maoism. russia however was a big threat, soviet expantionalism policy was very agressive against the weak central asian muslim states.

if we look at headlines today, we know how defencive islam is against foriegn incursion. they see outside rule as both an apostacy and an insult. it was like this in the 1930's too. the big enemy of the muslim, shiit or sunni, was communism. cengiz senoir hated communism, even though his shiit islam was very folk inspired might even be considered heretical by traditional shiit clerics. cengiz s. was not aware that his religion had been comprimised by ancestor worship and demonology.

anyway, in 1940, on his way back fom tibet, his tribe was attacked by off duty chinese soldiers in a raide. men and women were killed and their goods and cattle siezed. cengiz s. and the survivors sped back to afganistan and reported of the atrocity. the chinese had been doing this for a while, their unruly soldiers would raid nomad tents because food was so scarce in the eastern chinese steppeland. however, they were unecissarily cruel, and dumb it seems, for after 2 years of this treatment the entire muslim world was up in arms against communism, shouting cries to JYHAD.

china had ambitions on tibet, but they had to go through the turk and mongol nomads before they go their. the chinese hard modern weapons and a large army, but the nomads had swiftness and turrian knwolwedge. cengiz s. spent the next 4 years of his life raiding chinese military camps with other tribes and taking loot. eventually the chinese got the upper had, took tibet, and then pressed into central asia witht he help of russia.

cengiz s. retired from JYHAD, and went way west, crossing a 1,400 on horseback and settled in turkestan. (which was soon to be annexed by the soviet union.) he was 40 years old and it was time he got a wife and settled in. he sold some of his horses and then moved to Ayaguz city in Kazakstan. he became a horse breeder and married 4 wives. a russian, 2 turks and an afgani woman. his first born was with the russian womanm and follwing in the family tradition he named the bot cengiz 7.


cengiz VII was born in a city, during an economic decline that had been going due to the aftermath of world war two. the central govourment was weak, and there was a strong stalinist party, mainly russians, who were trying to get a hold of the country. cengiz grew up ariound the black market, where every adult he knew owned a gun. there were often skirmishes between the communists and the muslims. cengiz' father insisted that the boy be educated, so when the boy was 5 he was sent to masoque every day to be educated by the clerics. you can imagine how strict this environment was, playing music past sundown was illegal in the country. children were disciplined with a slap to the face. all this disciopline, however cruel, made capable men. cengiz teenage years were spent between anti communist rallies where little pinyatta's of Joseph stalin were burned, school, and hunting expeditions with his father.

when he was 20 he was sent to Persia (Iran) to attend the premier shiit univesity in all the world. following in the footseps of his family heritage, he took mostly military coarses, and criminal justice coarses. he wanted to maybe become an officer in persia to help overthrow the brittish shah. even at that time, the shah only retianed power through brittish military might. all the clerics and the people apposed him. revolution was almost expected.

there was a lot of anti israeli sentiment as well, israel was a new state at the time, and the outcry against it was usually found with most ferver in the levant and syra and egypt. iran was way east and had the brittish to worry about, however, that still did not stop them from cursing zionism all the time. anti zionist conferances were held every so often, and cengiz would go to meet and mingle with other students and the occasional high rank officer who would show up to do his public raltions.

-- assamites would also show up to these, as they were hotbead for militants, and thus good recruiting ground.

assamites also hated the shah, he was a pawn of the brittish, and the brittish were a pawn of the camarilla, with lose ties to mithras who everyone hated. a lot of ventrue and brujah entrepreneurs who had ties to ango rianian oil would sneak into the country in an unofficial war against assamite sovereignty. assamites had been weak since the convention of thorns, the blood curse had really laid into them. here in the assamite heartland they had to content with both brittish camarilla oil interests as well as tzimisce in bed with the communists, all looking to make glory and profit for themselves.

--- the inner workings of the soul of cengiz. ---

cengiz was not overly religious. most of his fellow students would wip themselves up into JYHADIST frenzies, shouting and swaring oths to kill a hundred russians or chinese ect... cengiz was more laid back. he went along with his classmates, but his faith was more of a coat that he used to further his own ambition. shrewdness can win you .respect. cengiz envisioned lots of power for himself. if he played his cards right and made somewhat of a name for himself in the revolution that was soon to come, maybe he would becme a great amry general or rich aristocrat. he was an ancestor of the greatest statesman to ever exist after all, maybe their was power in his ancestry. when the revolt finally broke out, cengiz and his classmates joined the rebel army to oust the shah and the brittish.

for what it matters. cengiz was a simple man who had no philisophical leanings nor much emotional stife. women caused him gried sometimes, and there was the occasional scuffle over who owed who what. but there was never much thought given to the meaning of life, and not much time spent on intricate romantic relationships. cengiz knew not depression, self disctuction. his entire being was foccused on his immediat suroundings. his sitation. he immersed himself in the goings on around him and used all of his spare time focusing on his ambition. much like a vietnam vet, if cengiz went to live in an american suburb, he wouldn't fit in at all. he would be lost, and dream of ruterning to the proverbial jungle. his skills were not for family, but for existing in political instability. survival was not free to the shiits, so they didn;t have to waste time worring about fashion or dating. they were busy surviving.

-- the war begins. --

cengiz jumped on jeep one day and headed off to Birjand to fight the brittish and the shah's republican guard. open warfare was stupid, the brittish had artillery a plenty and air superioty. fighting came down to geurilla raids, which the northern turks were destined for since the beginning of time. raid brittish outposts, kidnap brittish officals, hold them for ransom ect. it was all hit and run. after a few years of figthing out in the hot northern desert, the brittish regime completely collapsed and the shah was left on his own. -- assamites killed most of those ventrue cammarilla who were stupid enough to stay in persia. it was a bloodbath. the tzimisce (who the assamites feared as conquerers from russia) went crazy as well. instead of invading iran and taking advantage of the war. they decided to side up with the assamites and went on a diablerie trail on the remnants of camarilla. the tzimisce attempt to prostelatise and convert assamites to the sabbat was not well recieved however, but they comprimised in an uneasy alliance against the camarilla. the sabbat of europe were inspired!! and soon there was a lot of bloodshed in eastern and central europe, pitting sabbat against camarilla. it led to the fall of greece and milan to the sabbat) --- anyway... cengiz had seen his share of bloodshed.

the rebel army had taken a lot of casualties in the war. not to mention that in the northern section their had been tzimisce (battle tactics) that often had civilions slain for the hell of it. there were a lot of tales of ghosts and golbins, desert satans that came out of that, which further pissed off the assamites. this actually helped the rebel army out. there was a rumor that the leader of the rebels, the Ayatollah al-Udhma Muhammad Shirazi, was actually the last Imam. the final prophet which would bring about the comming of the apocalypse and establish Islam across the world. the tzimisce attacks were seen as proof that the armies of satan were trying to stop the Ayatollah al-Udhma Muhammad Shirazi from claiming victory.

cengiz fought a long desert campign, raiding outposts and ambushing brittish patrols. the britts were losing. not only were they losing militarily, but outry at home that the war was unjust had big ramifications in parlaiment. so when they finally left, the rebels went on an actuall offencive campaign. cengiz, after fighting at least 10 small battles, finally saw his first big one, the taking of the city of Tabriz. very close to the Russian border in the caucacus. near azrebijan. which meant there were a lot of tzimisce and camarilla around since they were close to europe. they stormed the city starting at around 8 am. but the figthing lasted up intil nightfall. it was a battle fought in the urban areas, from street to street. there were clerics on big speaker's shouting jyhad amidst threat of gunfire. there were tzimisce war parties scowling the citties setting fires. there were camarilla who had no place to go and were in a panic, their onply protection a bunch of ghouls they had made right before the taking of the city. the tzimisce tore through these ghouls like a hot knife through butter, and every now and then an assamite would pop up unexpectidly and take out a high ranking camarilla and then disapear again.

- embrace night

cengiz actually got to witness first hand the tzimisce war tactic. he and some men had taken refuge in a dilapidated building not far from the shah's palace (who was dead by now) and were settling in for the night. out of nowhere, some camarilla, panic stricken, ran into the camp almost in a frenzy and dominated cengiz to give up his ak-47. then the man turned to face a corner, after only a few moments, a war ghoul who was being ridden on by the most insane thing ever, a completely naked and castrated tzimisce with like 400 tattoes holding a shotgun like lance on his mount. the tzimisce had a huge fucking smile on his face as he charged directly for his camarilla prey. the camarilla (a very blonde german looking fellow) immediatly unloaded everything the gun had at this thing, in full view of a cengiz and all his men. talk about a breach of the masquerade. the wargoul got hit like 12 times before it went down in a bloody mess. the tzimsice wasted no time and used his fallen mount as a shield as he charged forward, then fired the shotgun up close and blew the camarilla's head off in one shot. well.. cainite blood splalttered all over this tzimisce.. and he frenzied... and before you can call my momma a bitch he was using the shotgun as a club to beat the living shit out of the man standing right next to cengiz. well everyone started to scream. some men took cover, some men ran away. cengiz was too close for either, and he had no weapons.

cengiz flung himself on the floor, grabbed the AK which had been previosuly his, turned it on the tzimisce and then fired.... out of bullets. and by this time the thing was charging him. imagine the fear in his heart. he ran, the thing chased him down, hit him in the back with the shjotgun like babe ruth hits a basebal and sent cengiz tumbling forward into some sharp debree which cut him up. the tzimisce jumped in after him. but to his shagin cengiz had his sabre out and had jammed it right into the things face. the tzimisce was running foeward, so the blade got pretty deep into his skul. it only slowed him down though, in a rage it stumbled back and began to pull the sword out. cengiz didn't pause, he got a reload clip for his rifle.. click click. and right when the tzimsioce charge him he unloaded the AK into the tzimsice belly... bam bam bam, torpor. the thing fell down in a heap, having half of it's stomach on the floor. cengiz had beaten a cainite as a mere mortal.

the assamites found out about it and decided to embrace him. that night while he was sleaping he was kidnapped, his wounds healed and then he was embraced.

who embraced him? i'm getting to that,

-- sire and family --


Hassan Shapur - < 9 > Slbling.
One of Cengiz Relatives who helped overthrow Camarilla interests in Persia.

Jarbaz al-Hussein < 9 > Sibling.
Cengiz best friend and instructor after the Embrace.Techically Ghouled Cengiz before the embrace, but only for a moment to set his wounds and make him perfect physically before Shankar Embraced him..

Shankar Chandra - < 8 > (diablerie) Sire
Many young men were attracted to the Thuggee by their fearsome reputation and their antipathy to the overbearing British. Shankar's mother and sister had been dishonored by a British soldier, and when he went to the soldier's commander, they were sent away scornfully, and told to teach their women better morals. Shankar swore revenge for this insult, and sought out the Thuggee in the Mountains. Many soldiers fell to his knives and garrote as he avenged his kinswomen, and he was found worthy of the greater battle, against the kafir Ventrue who had sent the British to India.Shankar learned as a fida'i about those who call themselves Kindred, and the many wrongs they had inflicted upon his new-found clan. Like many of the younger rafiq, he is impatient for revenge, and he is prominent among the Militant faction, preaching open warfare upon the munafiqun. It is said that he has accompanied the Unconquered ones of the Black Hand on some of their war parties, and that the Elders question his allegiance.

He and his childer were in Persia in what ammounted to them as a holy war. Shankar was more tolerant of Sabbat assistance against the Camarilla Dog then some of the more conservative loyalists. He actually worked on several operations with Tzimisce... but only strategically. In Tabriz he had heard of Cengiz defeating the Rabid Tzimisce and decided to embrace him. Which upse the Tzimisce who also wanted to embrace him.

Rashid Ibn Musafir < 8 >
(1079:1099) Progeny of Habiba Al-Sikkeen. Assassin of crusaders

Habiba Al-Sikkeen < 7 >
(815:842) Progeny of Qusay ibn Namdar. Sire of Rashid Ibn Musafir (1099). Assassin of crusaders.

Qusay ibn Namdar < 6 >
Sire of Habiba Al-Sikkeen (842)

Tariq the Silent < 5 now 13 >
(:1250) Progeny of Bakr. Sire of Gabriel Chavez (729). He is the 4th of the Red List. His generation is lowered to 13 by the Tremere Antitribu. Once, Tariq was as a brother to Jamal, and among the greatest of the rafiq. But he would not submit to the Curse, and went out into the wilderness. He is sometimes seen among the antitribu, but is not one of them, as much as they would wish it. He follows his own vengeance against the clan's enemies, and although Jamal was pressured by the Camarilla into declaring a Blood Hunt against him, only the most troublesome rafiq are given the task of carrying it out; Tariq will not destroy them, for they are of the clan, but their inevitable defeat serves them as a lesson in humility. Meanwhile, Tariq is free to pursue his own ends, and coincidentally provides a scapegoat for the deeds of other rafiq, should one be required.In 2000, Tariq discovers Djuhah's scheme to manipulate him and kills the Seraph.[CbR-As] Was captured by the Tremere antitribu before that bloodline's destruction. The Sabbat suspects he might have been involved somehow. [KmW,pp69-72] [CotN,p15] [CbR-As] (The angel that descended upon Europe during the crusades, destroying all that crossed his path)

Bakr < 5 >
Sire of Tariq (1250).

Jamal < 4 > (+1998) Master of the Assamites (Old man of the Mountain). Slained by ur-Shulgi.Throughout the Holy Wars which were fought over the Holy Land, the name of the hashashiyyin was a name of dread. Of all the hashashiyyin, no name was greater or more terrible than that of Jamal. It is whispered that he has been defeated only once, by the Inconnu Drakulya, and that the previous Master invited his challenge after the shame of the Convention of Thorns (1493), and charged him to guard the rafiq and bring them through the Hijra so that they might avenge themselves for the Curse. Some say that his is of the Unconquered, and some that he walks but two paces behind the Ancestor. All know that he has been challenged but three times and remains the Master.

Haqim < 3 > (:~ -8000) Progeny of probably En'esh/Enoch, or King and the Queen of Nod. Sire of ? , ur-Shulgi (-2050) and Mancheaka. His embrace is told in various tales. He is said to have embraced himself with the blood of the King and the Queen.[CbR-As] tells he was a great warrior in life, but dedicated himself to scholarship as he grew older, and learned to speak and write the language of the dead. He earned the attention of one of Caine's childer, who Embraced him. He lived in the Second City, though he never settled there. He always remained neutral to the quarrels of his brothers and sister and cousins. His only sister is the one refered to as the mother of the Clan of the Blossom (Arikel) His two brothers were known as the Serpent (Set) and the Sage (Malkav). All the other Antediluvians came to him and pleaded to have him create a "second family" in order to judge and control their rebellious childer. Named "Hunter," then "Judge." "Assam" is a mispronounciation of Haqim. Haqim was not his real name. He last visited the Alamut in 68 BCE. He appeared in Antioch one century later. He was last seen in the British Isles in 121 CE, engaged in philosophical conversations with the Ventrue Mithras

Post Mortem ---

Cengiz went off to a secret Assamite camp in Pakistan right after his embrace. Where he was to be tradionally instructed. Jarbaz had offered to instruct him and be his leash. it was the usual warrior caste training. shooting range, then wrestling, then melee training. For 7 years Cengiz was transformed.

10 years Dead. - Welcome to America - Cengiz had Graduated as it were, and was now to be put to the test. He was very young, and his first Target was to be a Ghoul in California. he was to be reloacated perminantly to America to sit under the watch of a local Assamite Silsila and to be instructed in the path. The Ghoul was assasinated on his way to a nightclub. Cengiz used a rifle and shot him 3 times.

15 years dead - Cengiz becomes more affilated with the path. Jarbaz lets him tag along on his more high end missions, like taking out other cainites. Cengiz is still mostly on the sidelines. Cengiz learned the ins and outs of the web of knives, while hanging out with older Militants. he is inaguraded into the extreme loyalist militancy and becomes known for his anti-Islamic affiliations with his peers. with the other rafiq he becomes known for a haqimite.

20 years dead - the scism.
The great Schism happens,. Cengiz is lead on a murder mission to kill as many muslims as possible, lead by Shankar. Cengiz is cought offguard, he has to kill his fellows... but they would not keep the faith. it's his first moral crisis in his life or unlife. in san fran he is lead on akilling spree.

25. - reloaction. Cengiz was a master of Taqiyya and dception. but as he progressed on his moral path to follow in great Haqims footsteps be became convinced that being a hired killer was not justice. it was a greedy degeneration of the clan. when ur-shulgi stepped up Cengiz retired from taking contracts with non assamites, which put him at a schism with the Web of Knives. cengiz started hanging out wioth the ultra Haqim loyalists at this point and putting distance between himself and his sire who eventually joined the sabbat. Jarbaz remians Cengiz close friend.

Theory and Application: Cengiz hs many alternate identities, but no one knows he is assamite except close allies. he is somewhat active in Kindred society, and he enjoys the company of other vampires. he has been knows to attend balls and parties and what not, though he always avoids talking too much with high ranking camarilla, he doesn't like them. he also has some limmited relationships with sabbat assamites as his sire is one, but his official stance on the issue is that only Haqim should be served. cengiz views taking hired contracts as immoral and greedy, as do many extreme loyalists. ur shulgi for one speaks out against them, yet he does except tithing from all contracts. it would be a waste otherwise.

cengiz is usually not agressive to most kindred. infact he has been known to stand up for the little guy, as would Haqim. but he does view the camarilla as an evil entity and the sabbat as morally bankrupt. cengiz will diablerize you, but he won't just kill randomly. he has even had a few lovers, a malkavian and a toreadore. but they never knew what he was. some neonates find him very mysterious and exotic. OH AL LA.
however, if your a tremere cengiz will do what he can to eat you. but most tremere don't advertise for that very reason.

cengiz smokes to make himself fit in better, and he decorates himself modernly for the same reason. his taqiyya is very strong and he can enact various personalities depending on the setting. however he acts himself around his friends, unless there is some risky business involved. cengiz is shrewd and careful.



Strength: 3

Dextarity: 3

Stamina: 5


Charisma: 2

Manipulation: 4

Aperarance: 2


Perception: 2

Intelligence: 2

Wits: 3


Brawl: 2, Dodge: 2, Subterfuge: 4, Streetwise: 2,


Drive: 2, Stealth: 3, Firearms: 3, Melee: 3, Security: 1, Survival: 2


Academics: 2, Occult: 2, Politics: 2, Linguistics: 2


Genoration: 3, Resources: 3, Allies: 1, Contacts: 2, Inflaunce: 2 , Clan Prestige: 1

Disciplines: Quietus: 1, Celerity: 1, Obfuscate: 2, Fortitude: 1

Virtues: Conviction: 3. Self Control: 3, Courage: 4

Path of Blood: 3 (he is too young to be higher)

Merits: Calm Heart: 3

Willpower: 6
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