Mehter (christ_slap) wrote,

adam brammer

adam brammer came, he saw, and he stole your innocence.

it was great, having my comrad around, i changed around all my plans for him. i don't even do that shit when i have to go to work. it was brilliant. he is an ass hole though. but he is so mighty that people just grovel over him. i like seeing girls complain that he doesn't call them.

he was even a jerk to me, but unlike a woman he would apologize for it. "phil i am sorry i am yelling at you telling you how to drive." but i would always say "it's ok my brother." and it was ok. i know adam is a jerk and i don't mind. it doesn;t bother me, i do what i am going to do anyway even if people complain about it. adam knows and we respect eachother. only a weak ego needs to be handled with care.

also, diana dildo and i are speaking again. i saw her unexpectedly at big e's. the mere sight of her quited my best. it made me sombre and sentimental. i became quiet and lotsof old burried and once-thought-dead memories flustered to the surface of the water gasping for air. we talked on the internet, and she invited me to wash rugs with her.

during this old rug cleansing, we got into a conversation about the meaning of life. diana thinks that everyone has a schtik that they use as life themes to develop a character. i am really unsure of her point. but everyone needs a flare to set them apart if they are to be stars in the end. but diana does not beleive in soul love. she beleivs everything is a power game. i disagree and love my friends.
diana has hereby been stripped of all her princess points until she agrees that power games are unatural deviations of love.

i am going to LA tomarrow, i am psyched. i am worried about my mom though, she just had a divorce and i want to be around to cheer her up. plus her new apartment is so bright and comfortable and overlooks a lake and i like the view. i will miss my dad too, i like worshipping at the alter of his massive power genes. and smoking a cigar with him every week or so is an enjoyable ritual.

josh little and i did not finish lord ass, it has died down because i am unsure of how to end it. i forgot to have a plot, so josh made one up. but i want to think of alternatives first. josh went into a long diatribe about how i have hidden meaning in lord ass. the only hidden meaning in lord ass is a few obscure referances. lord ass is plainly stated - PHILIP HUDSON IS INSANE, WORSHIP GOD YOU ARE A FOOL -

jack i will miss, no one in LA knows what needs to be done in reguards to china. who will sing to me?
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