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Cult of Athena

murder the children

8 December
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"If what I seek will not come to me without my stir, I must exert myself to obtain it; if we cannot do as we wish, we must do as we can.

When Mahomet first announced his system, the Arabs demanded supernatural proofs of his commission. "Moses and Jesus," said they, "wrought miracles in testimony of their divine authority; and if thou art indeed the prophet of God, do so likewise."

To this Mahomet replied, "It would be tempting God to do so, and bring down His anger, as in the case of Pharaoh."

Not satisfied with this answer, he commanded Mount Safa to come to him, and when it stirred not at his bidding, exclaimed, "God is merciful. Had it obeyed my words, it would have fallen on us to our destruction. I will therefore go to the mountain, and thank God that He has had mercy on a stiffnecked generation."

Hassan ibn Sabbah